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Basement Seepage

It’s that time of the year again!

Unfortunately, heavy spring rains bring water problems to many basements.

Basement leaks not only make life miserable for a home owner, but they can weaken the foundation of your home. Basement walls should seal out a moderate amount of water, but few will withstand a great deal of water pressure from the outside. If your basement wall leaks only during heavy rains, you may be able to solve the problem by adding extensions to your gutter downspouts to direct rainwater away from the basement walls.

On close inspection however, you may find that your yard slopes in a way that causes rain water to flow toward your home. If so, some corrective landscaping may be needed to solve your problem. Take a look at this diagram.


During a rainstorm, gutters route runoff from a very large surface—a home’s roof—to where it can drain away from the house. By doing so, they protect siding, windows, doors, and foundations from water damage and help prevent flooding in basements.

Make sure that you correct any grading issues around your home and also be sure that your gutter are clear of debris so that they may work properly.

Homeowners should plan to clean gutters at least twice a year—more often if the roof is directly beneath trees. But only take on this task yourself if you know you can work safely from a ladder or the roof. If your roof is higher than a single story or you’re unsure of your job’s safety, you’re better off hiring a professional.




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