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Dryer Connection

As a Certified Master Inspector I get lots of questions from my clients. Here’s an example of a question I got just recently about dryers.

QBob, you did an inspection for me in Racine a month or so ago.  I have question I hope you can help me with.  We are considering hooking up a second dryer and I would like to know if both dryers can be vented out the same location in the wall or will it require us to install separate vent pipes. I considered finding a “Y” to install in the line going out of the house and connect both hoses to it. Thanks, Tim.

A.  Tim. I recommended not to do as you say and install a “Y” in the line. Each dryer should have its own exhaust. The reason should have its own vent is that the exhaust can back up into the dryer that is not running and cause rust and corrosion to the components. Not to mention Carbon Monoxide can enter your home if it is a gas dryer.

Another reason you should not vent two dryers together is that if the dryers are both running, a restriction will occur at the “Y” (two hoses merging into one.) The restriction can cause the dryer to run longer, your clothes will dry slower and that is a waste of energy, which defeats the purpose of using two dryers in the first place. Plus, the dryer can overheat and possibly cause a fire. Don’t forget to use rigid metal pipe whenever possible (no vinyl). The pipes are easier to clean and they are fire rated.


Bob Beisbier, owner of BK Home Inspections, is a Certified Master Home Inspector who has been providing professional and thorough home inspections in southeast Wisconsin for over 12 years. Bob is Infrared certified, DILHR Certified, and provides Home Energy Tune-ups, Environmental Data Reports, Pre-sale Home Inspections and Pre-offer Home Inspections.