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Energy Savings Checklist

This is a great check list to help with home energy savings. Consider that you can save $300-$500 per year by addressing these simple items.

  • Does my attic scuttle have weatherstripping to create an air seal?
  • Does my shower head output less than 2 gallons of water per minute?
  • Can I see any gaps or openings around my doors or windows?
  • Is my furnace tuned up and filter clean?
  • Has my water heater been flushed in the past year and set to 120 – 130 degrees?
  • Do I have any fridges, chest freezers, washer, dryer, dehumidifier etc. over 15 years old?
  • Can I upgrade an electric appliance to gas?
  • Is the caulking on my windows in good condition?
  • Is the “heat dry” cycle on the dishwasher in the off position?
  • Is the clothes dryer set on auto instead of a timed cycle?
  • Did you know that washing clothes in hot water is not necessary-ever?


Bob Beisbier, owner of BK Home Inspection, is a Certified Master Home Inspector who has been providing professional and thorough home inspections in southeast Wisconsin for over 12 years. Bob is Infrared certified, DILHR Certified, and provides Home Energy Tune-ups, Environmental Data Reports, Pre-sale Home Inspections and Pre-offer Home Inspections.