Don’t wait for a leaky roof, have your roof inspected once a year.

Roofing problems make themselves known in the form of leaks and drips. Repair leaky roofs before ceilings and walls are damaged. Better yet, check your roof at least once a year before the storm season (and after a major storm, if necessary).

Make your repairs when the weather is clear. High winds can tear off shingles, particularly if they’ve become brittle with age. Ice and snow can cause shingles to crack, as can hot sun and heavy rain. Check your roof regularly for bald spots, cracked or curled shingles, or an absence of mineral granules, usually exhibited by an accumulation in your gutters. Bend any questionable shingles back to see if they have some give. If they crumble easily or appear gray and bloated, they may need replacing. Replace existing shingles with any that remain from the original roof installation or buy new ones of the same type, color, and size. Don’t remove damaged shingles from ridges—instead, nail each corner of the existing shingle in place and cover with a new one.


Bob Beisbier, owner of BK Home Inspection, is a Certified Master Home Inspector who has been providing professional and thorough home inspections in southeast Wisconsin for over 12 years. Bob is Infrared certified, DILHR Certified, and provides Home Energy Tune-ups, Environmental Data Reports, Pre-sale Home Inspections and Pre-offer Home Inspections.